Rising Fear (2016)

Set in Pittsburgh, filmed in Johnstown…




Indie film highlights Johnstown’s work ethic: ‘Rising Fear,’ shot on $20 budget, released on Amazon


On May 30, Getty’s action movie “Rising Fear” was released on DVD exclusively on Amazon.  The film was shot in Johnstown and is set in Pittsburgh.   “We used local talent and local enthusiasm,” said Getty.  “I believe that Johnstown works hard and that really great work ethic is something that I want to highlight.”


“Rising Fear” is an indie film that stars Getty as Ryan Taylor. Taylor is a Marine framed for the deadliest terrorist bombing since 9/11.  Tortured for information he doesn’t have, the Marine must escape and hunt down the people who set him up.  During his pursuit, he finds warning of an even greater attack, one that will end freedom for all nations.


On Wednesday night, Getty held his first screening of “Rising Fear” at LaurelWood Care Center in Upper Yoder Township.  Sharon Hartnett, the activity director of LaurelWood said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have this Johnstown premiere of “Rising Fear” here at LaurelWood and Amber Springs.  Our residents were excited to learn that a local young man with aspiring talents would share his love of film and writing with us tonight. We wish only great things for Tom’s future in film.”

Getty selected LaurelWood for his first screening because of the time spent there as a child with both of his grandmothers. Wednesday’s audience sat captivated as the film continued to gain momentum.    “Tonight’s screening was great. I can always tell when a movie is going badly, and I can tell when a movie is going well and it’s working, and it’s working tonight,” said Getty.


As a youngster, Getty was encouraged by his teachers to sit at the computer and write stories. However, he taught himself a lot of what was needed to create such a film.  “I love to read and I love to watch tutorials,” said the Westmont Hilltop High School and University of Pittsburgh graduate. “This was all self-taught.”


Aside from the challenges of a small budget, Getty’s biggest obstacles came after the movie was shot.  “The challenges we faced had nothing to do with the shooting, but it became the editing and the sheer amount of work that had to be done in post-production,” said Getty.  “I composed the film’s music and did the special effects.”    “Johnstown was wonderful with the shooting, there was virtually no problems there,” said Getty.  “I want to tell the country, that we (Johnstown) are not number seventeen or number two on the impoverished list, we are number one in movies,” said Getty.