The First Noelle


by Blair Murphy



The First Noelle is a moving period piece which stretches traditional spirituality into the luminous in a manner as accessible as it is gripping. Written in the tradition of A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life, this warm tale renders the magic of the winter holidays visible, glowing like a fireplace, reminding grown-ups and children alike the light we’re reaching towards as we pass through the darker times. We follow the transformative adventure of Noelle Ireland, a little girl living in a turn-of-the-century coal-mining community when times seemed to be at their toughest. However, they weren’t tougher than the town’s guardian nuns or the orphan children who they fed and smartly disciplined. Noelle’s journey begins with Santa Claus himself when his village of elves begins appearing in her little town on a mission she can’t quite grasp. As Christmas day draws closer and Noelle struggles to move through the many trials placed at her garage-home doorway, she begins to build roots both in her town’s history and in the common lot of mankind, by learning forgiveness and through that forgiveness growing toward that which is infinite in all of us. The First Noelle is an enchanting Christmas classic waiting like a wrapped gift to charm one and all.