ScreenTests Enormous Hotel (2011)





(Damien Youth in Screen Tests from Enormous Hotel)

In this background photo, Grand Midway Hotel regulars Mark ‘the Magician’ Swindler and Bill ‘Silent Cinema Bill’ Eggert attend the private Warhol Museum premiere screening of Skot Jones’ film Screen Tests from Enormous Hotel, 2011.  The film recorded twenty faces of the growing mythology of Windber, PA’s Andy Warhol Factory-like Grand Midway Hotel participants.

Of his film, Jones said, “It was a homage to Warhol’s practice of running screen tests of Warhol’s friends and people who came by the Factory.  Film often is too preoccupied with narrative.  And for me film doesn’t necessarily have to be about anything.  And what more an interesting thing to shoot than the human face?  It was a way to put out moving photographs of people I thought were interesting at a particular time.”